Cathie Lockhart has been quilting since a very early age. Her new career as a Studio 180 Design certified instructor began in March of 2014. Teaching in shops, sharing through lectures and workshops for quilt guilds, vending at quilt shows and attending Studio 180 Design retreats helps keep Cathie current with new, exciting techniques and tools. 

Connie has been teaching quilting classes for several years. She became a certified instructor with Studio 180 Design 4 years ago. Connie teaches classes at quilt shops, guilds and retreats, and strive to ensure that each student has a successful experience by providing guided instruction throughout each class.

Deborah Chiarelli

Terry Sue Blanchette

Brian McCoy

Debbie Chiarelli has been making quilts since she was 15. She has been teaching at a local quilt shop for the last 5 years. She learned about Studio 180 Design tools at a quilt show where she met Deb Tucker. She purchased 8 of the tools and has been having fun ever since. Debbie was certified in 2016 and has learned even more to help students enjoy building quilts that they once thought beyond them.

Debbie Thomas

Patti started teaching piecing quilts in adult education in 2000 through the local school system. She purchased her long arm in 2001 and has been working full time long arming since 2005. She was introduced to the Rapid Fire Hunter Star tool and her quilting life took direction. She became a Certified Instructor in 2016 and has been teaching in South Dakota and Nebraska ever since. Seeing the light come on in her students is very rewarding.

Teaching for over 20 years at quilt shops, guilds, and quilting cruises, Karen's workshops have a relaxed, nurturing atmosphere mixed with humor putting students at ease as they maximize their learning experience in overall instruction and individual attention. Certified in 2017, she enthusiastically shares her love of Studio 180 Design tools and techniques.

Patti Heintz

Nancy has enjoyed teaching quilting for over 17 years. Since becoming a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor in 2016 she's had the opportunity to teach classes at quilt shops, retreats, quilt bees and guild workshops, concentrating on helping her students discover how these tools help them achieve beautiful quilts. 

Karen Overton

Connie Farland

Joyce Holley

Sarah Furrer

September 20 - 23, 2017

Studio 180 Academy

Joyce was in her early 30's when she discovered her passion for quilting. She has taken classes from top quilting instructors, developed her own piecing techniques that are enhanced and even perfected by Studio 180 Design tools. Joy fills Joyce's heart as she watches her beginners grow in their skills and develop a passion for quilting. Joyce's love of quilting grows through teaching. 

Debbie has been teaching quilting classes for 7 years. She has been a Studio 180 Certified Instructor for 4 years, teaching classes at quilt shops, guilds and retreats. She strives to ensure that each student has a successful experience by providing guided instruction throughout each class.

Nancy Giltner

Brian owns Bolts & Quarters Quilt Shop in Parkersburg, WV, and works a 2nd fulltime job at Ohio University. He's been quilting for 17+ years. He offers 200+ classes annually. Brian is currently working on financing for a new "Bed & Threads Retreat Center" with plans to open by 2020, adjacent to the shop's new & permanent location.

15 years ago Terry Sue Blanchette rescued her sewing machine from the attic and fell in love with quilting. She is an active volunteer with her local guild chapter and annual State quilt show. She loves discovering and sharing new quilting tips and techniques with friends and students. 

I have been quilting for ten years now and a Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design for four years. Growing up in Vermont, and working at Country Treasures is where I started teaching. Now I work for Studio 180 Design and get to teach what I love to do.

Cathie Lockhart